HOWTO: configure texstudio

  1. Options->Configure TeXstudio…
  2. Check Show Advanced Options in the bottom left corner
  3. Go to Commands
    1. Replace %.tex with: -output-directory=auxiliary %.tex to PdfLateX
    2. External PDF Viewer to:
      1. Windows: “C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Acrobat 10.0/Acrobat/Acrobat.exe” auxiliary/%.pdf
      2. Linux: xdg-open auxiliary/%.pdf > /dev/null
    3. Update BibTeX to:
      1. Windows: bibtex.exe ./auxiliary/%
      2. Linux:  bibtex ./auxiliary/%
    4. Update BibTeX to:
      1. Windows: bibtex.8exe ./auxiliary/%”
      2. Linux:  bibtex8 ./auxiliary/%
    5. Update Biber to:
      1. Windows: biber.exe –output_directory auxiliary %
      2. Linux:  biber –output_directory auxiliary %
  4. Go to Build:
    1. Log File: ./auxiliary/
    2. append to PDF File: ./auxiliary/

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